The toy business is recognized for its different trends that can alter at the drop of a hat. Purchasing trends can be influenced by a number of factors and diverse influences that may include advertising and marketing, TV programmes and importantly the word of mouth, especially from the young children in the schools. 

It is common for toys to increase and fall in its popularity and this is an occurrence that takes place regularly in every industry, even the fashion trend. This will frequently happen in-line with the latest television cartoons and shows with large toy manufacturers methodically airing their new shows that go side by side with their collection of toys to generate sufficient buzz and build sufficient excitement within their fans to make enough impact when the demand for toys is at its peak. This needs to be meticulously judged so that its popularity is still increasing or at its peak throughout the busy toy purchasing period in the lead up to winter holidays. This is a competitive market with innumerable toy manufacturers competing each year. 

Fidget spinners may not be popular to you, but it has gone viral now and you do not have a choice but to know what it is all about. Well, this toy is a palm-sized disc with arms made of plastic materials, which can be carried between the forefinger and thumb, and it rotates like a ceiling fan once it is flicked. The fidget spinners were manufactured in order to help the kids with OCD, ADHD, or anxiety achieve calm and focus. Fundamentally, the disc does the fidgeting. According to the expert, for people having ADHD, there is a need for stimulation. The fidget spinner allows some people experiencing ADHD to concentrate their attention on what they wish to focus on since there's sort of a background motion surrounding that need. 


The colorful and attractive fidget spinner has lend themselves to gathering and customizing -- numerous fabrications and shapes are available, some costing to $10,000  -- and can be used in tough tricks, like skateboarding for the thumbs. The Social Media called the YouTube has been flooded with the videos showing different techniques on how to do it. Hence, they're blowing off the desk and cabinets of all the toy stores. They are so omnipresent that some institutions have banned them. According to the founder of Global Toy Experts Richard Gottlieb, the fidget spinners are so popular because they deliver the overscheduled kids a means to blow off the steam today.